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Optimising a product fails to always come naturally. Content marketing is a wonderful approach to start the entire process of brand optimisation that could lead to major growth. Creating images, videos and-quality articles is a wonderful way to get going.


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Brand optimisation for businesses is not easy. Use content marketing to build & optimise your brand.
Branded articles & videos work best.

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Branding Your Business: Using Content In An Effective Way

Optimising a brand does not always come naturally. Content marketing is an effective way to start the process of brand optimisation that could lead to major growth. Creating images, videos and high-quality articles is a great way to get started.

When you want your brand to grow, content marketing is the approach you will need to take. If you are using content that relates to the brand on your website, you should be able to gain extra traffic, which will result in more business for you. The content that you have may also give people a better impression about your brand and the business as a whole. If you continue to add content, the cycle of gaining more traffic and business will continue too.

You may wonder why some businesses are struggling despite using content in an attempt to expand their brand. There are often some obstacles that business owners will need to overcome if they want to have the most success possible.

Make People Aware of Your Brand: Setting Goals

Before getting started, you should know how content marketing can help with the branding process. There are hundreds of marketing professionals who understand the significance of developing content for brand recognition. Studies from the Content Marketing Institute show that most organisations use content specifically for boosting a certain brand. They want to create awareness so that the public knows the brand exists. Based on the study, nearly 80 percent of marketers agreed that developing brand awareness via content was their main goal.

There were several other goals that also ranked fairly high, which included gaining loyal customers, increasing engagements and receiving more traffic. Although each of these goals were considered important, brand awareness was number one on the list with the highest ranking. It is clear that businesses want more exposure for their brand and have decided to use content to help them get it.

The Benefits of Content: More Traffic and Branding

What can marketers use to determine how successful they are when focusing primarily on branding? Research from both CMI and MarketingProfs shows that most marketers are determining their success based on the amount of traffic they receive. Some marketers have other ways of measuring their success by checking out how many people are sharing the content on social media and how many sales are being made.

Using videos and engaging content is certainly one of the best ways to get more attention for the business, along with social media shares and extra traffic on the website.

The Common Challenges of Branding Your Content

Marketers realise that they need to use content marketing in a strategic way to see the best results. However, it is not always the easiest task. Small business owners who are on a tight budget may have some difficulties, especially if they cannot afford to pay for help with content marketing.

Interestingly enough, based on research from a CMI and MarketingProfs study, a total of 24 percent of individuals state that they do not have enough time to put their all into content marketing. Around 16 percent of the respondents stated that not having enough money was the problem for them while 13 percent claim they struggle to come up with creative and engaging content. Based on these studies, you may realise that you will need to have technical skills, plenty of extra time and some additional funds available to put towards content marketing. Do you recognize this pattern?

Use a Simple Solution to Overcome Challenges

It may be obvious to you that developing brand awareness is the main goal for just about any organisation that wants to do well. It is even more obvious that there will be some challenges along the way, such as a lack of funds. There are some business owners who get stuck because of these small obstacles that are in their way. However, you should look on the bright side. You can avoid getting stuck like those other business owners. The only solution that you need? Help from us.

According to an Aweber survey, the main person running the business is often the person who handles the marketing responsibilities. When that occurs, marketing does not get the full attention needed because the CEO is busy with other business-related tasks. So, then what happens to branding? It ends up being pushed to the side until you start realising it is causing you to lose out on business. That is not something that you should have to deal with.

Because it is impossible to add more hours to the day, it would be wise to set aside some revenue that you could use to receive content marketing assistance from us. Without content marketing, your business may suffer because you will not be able to expand your brand, get more traffic or even engage your current followers with compelling content. You are the one who runs the business and that is what makes it truly unique, but our agency is there to assist you with the content marketing.

You Need to Have Great Content

One of your main concerns may be what kind of content will help your brand while increasing traffic. You need to have content that is effective enough to make such improvements. When trying to figure it all out, you may become frustrated. You wonder if you should have the content marketing company write out basic SEO articles. You wonder if you should end up ordering something different for your brand, such as press releases.

Before you can figure out what type of content will interest your readers, it is important to find out what they want. There are two types of content, quality articles and videos, that tend to take precedence. GFK research proves that those who make important decisions would like to read about a brand in articles instead of viewing a bulky advertisement that looks more like spam. Most marketing professionals also believe that using content is a better option.

When it comes to using video, nearly 90 percent of web users are watching videos. And, data from Animoto shows that a whopping total of 96 percent of individuals prefer watching videos before deciding whether they will purchase an item or not. Even around 71 percent of the respondents claim that good videos impressed them and made them become more interested in the brand. With such data available, it makes sense to start building a brand using content and videos.

The Importance of Optimisation

Most marketers use optimisation to ensure that content on a website becomes easy to find via search engine websites. Making this happen requires quite a few steps, including the use of popular keywords and meta tags. It is wise to follow these steps, but you can add something extra to them.

If you want to start branding by using content, it is important to make sure the content is customized for your business. The content needs to send out a message to the consumers, but that message should also tie in with the brand. There are a lot of marketers who have already taken this initiative. Forrester claims that nearly 80 percent of current marketers have decided to shift over to content.

Your customers may feel more appreciated when you are addressing them directly and even talking a bit about yourself to them. If you want them to become loyal customers, you have to build a good relationship with them. You want them to learn more about who you are as a person, not just as a business owner. It is important that you show them what your business is about and how it can benefit them. Of course, you may have to spend more time putting together the content that the customers will like, but it will be worth it when you start to become more successful.

If you need help with brand optimisation, we are here to help. We will give your brand a boost by using only the best content that relates to your business. If you would like to consult with us, feel free to send an email or give us a call.


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