Business Coach And Mentor

Benefit Of A Business Coach And Mentor To A Business.

Today, most businesses have embraced business coaches and mentors. When coaching and mentoring is conducted efficiently, it allows the employees to understand themselves better, focus on their personal goals and the company's and also provides them with an opportunity to grow. An employer is advised to apply coaching or mentorship if they notice that their employees need to increase their skills and potential. They can also use it if they realise that the employees do not have the stamina to work as they are supposed to. Coaching an employee is a gain to the business in the long run because it adds value to the employees, making them do better in their jobs. Also, when your employees see that you are investing in them through mentorship or coaching, they feel that you care about them. This causes them to remain loyal to you and your brand. Whereas coaching may be brief and short, mentoring may take a longer time and may involve frequent follow-up. Discussed below are reasons your business should invest in a business coach and mentor.

business coach and mentor

Act As A Sounding Board.

Business coaches or mentors are not consultants, and thus, they will not tell you what to do. Instead, they engage with you to see how far you are with your business goals and then highlight some of the problem areas you need to fix. They are trained professionals with the ability to facilitate strategic planning and problem-solving. They help you to determine the cause of the problem then take you through some of the potential solutions. With coaching, you are forced to think for yourself and come up with solutions through procedures such as design thinking. This is great because it allows you to engage your mind without entertaining the quick fix that most business consultants offer. The knowledge acquisition you and your employees acquire proves helpful even in years to come.

Promote Accountability.

One thing that makes business coaching useful is the component of accountability. Employees that are accountable for their actions tend to deal with corporate and personal issues more responsibly as opposed to those that are not accountable. The coach engages you to understand some of the goals you have set for your business and helps you to come up with a plan of action which, you and the employees will implement. Once the coach assists you with goal planning, their other task is to ensure they keep you focused on your goals, by motivating you to stick to the commitments you made. This aspect allows you to be responsible and committed to your goals. Most times, small business owners tend to get so involved trying to grow the business such that they forget to remain accountable to their vision. Having frequent meetings with the business coach helps because it makes you think about your vision and why you started the business in the first place. Through this, you will be able to challenge the progress of your business. By being accountable, you will be able to inspire growth in your business.

Personal Development.

Mentorship and coaching bring some sense of clarity and purpose to the employees. Since it involves the transfer of skills, the employees become more knowledgeable in their fields. Coaching also helps to reduce personal frustrations, which tend to deviate the attention of the employees, causing them to be unproductive. It allows one to confide some of their struggles without being judged. Speaking out helps to release anger or frustration and even reduce cases of depression, and this results in improved wellbeing of the employees. Satisfied employees are happy employees, and this will also benefit the organisation. When employees feel the support of the mentor or coach, and are allowed to come up with solutions to problems they are facing, they become more confident when dealing with conflicts or crises.


Since employees value investments such as mentorship and coaching, most of them feel the need to remain loyal to your brand after the transfer of skills takes place. They feel a greater sense of commitment to the business as well as connection with the other employees. This is good for you because you won't have to spend a lot of money on recruiting and training new employees. Retaining these employees also helps because they become more productive after the mentorship and coaching. Also, coaching creates an environment that encourages open communication between employers and employees. Open communication creates a positive work environment and triggers performance.

New Skills.

Most business coaches have worked in the industry for a long time, meaning they have experience working with both big and small firms. They tend to have vast knowledge in areas such as financial planning, budgeting, management, marketing, and dealing with potential risks. Coaches will help you deal with some of the complex business problems since they have various strategies when it comes to problem-solving. If your business has a problem with maximising sales, an experienced business coach comes in handy by offering creative marketing strategies to increase your sales. Experienced mentors also help to improve the management’s leadership and management skills, which are critical components of any business. Furthermore, coaches tend to have skills that are essential in the deployment of new technology as well as managing integrations. This saves you a lot of money which you would have used to outsource the services of integration experts. The mentors will always direct you on the best ways to deal with your employees and create a respectful environment.

If your business has never thought of hiring a business coach and mentor, it is high time that you do so. Business coaches and mentors are critical for the functioning of any organisation. They bring a positive change in the personal lives of the employees, which translates to excellent performance. They also contribute to increased expertise of the employees in any business. Do not think that investing in business coach and mentor is a waste of time and money. Once you realise the benefits, you will always want to have a business coach and mentor by your side.

business coach and mentor