Customer Experience Management

The QLM Customer Experience Management Service

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

QLM Business Solutions Customer Experience Management Service plays a critical role in improving customer experience by designing, implementing and observing multiple internal and external customer feedback input, surfacing trends/issues and working with other functions to measure, prioritize and address issues as well as implement improvement projects.

Our CEM consultants are highly motivated individuals with strong analytical and communication skills, a deep understanding of the online and offline customer journey and a strong customer advocacy.

How QLM Business Solutions Customer Experience Management Consultants work with your organisation.

• Analyse multiple customer feedback data input to identify trends and issues that are important to customers
• Work with subject matter experts to conduct root cause analysis on customer feedback
• Evaluate options and recommend courses of action to better address customer needs and help the business deliver a consistently positive customer experience
• Identify projects and initiatives that positively impact customer experience, loyalty and increase conversion, work with key business owners and functions to obtain buy in and push important projects forward
• Work across the organisation to ensure appropriate measures, systems, programs, processes and tools are in place that support a positive customer experience
• Analyse and measure existing website functionality, identify issues and obstacles for consumers on the site and work with cross-functional teams to resolve open issues
• Develop keen understanding of website experience and recommendations to improve customer engagement and conversion
• Manage monthly reporting on customer feedback and project progress

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QLM Business Solutions Customer Experience Management Service

As consumers go digital, companies are struggling to keep pace with accompanying data challenges to serve them effectively – at every interaction point.
Consumers have in-store, online, mobile, communities, social media and mobile wallets to research and purchase products and services. Studies have shown that customers are looking for convenience and simplicity and will no longer tolerate poorly designed voice menus. discerning. customers want to be able to traverse these channels seamlessly and be seen as individuals, as a single customer despite their use of multiple channels rather than as members of a category. Many forward thinking companies are now adjusting to these new market dynamics by putting the customers’ needs at the heart of everything they do i.e. facilitating the so called customer journey rather than simply doing things in a way that is convenient for the business, are actively reviewing their strategies on how to facilitate choice and create a seamless and consistent experience regardless of the customer touchpoint thereby providing a superior customer experience that not only covers all the fundamental elements of customer focus but also stands out from the rest. A recent Gartner survey of senior executives found that most understand this trend and 89% of respondents were planning to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience this year.

QLM Business Solutions has a well grounded reputation of leading innovative, best-in-class strategies on products, services, reputation management, customer experience, sales and channels, as well as CRM and other customer-centric initiatives and equally importantly MAINTAINING market share since 2010.

Tell us, are you reaching your target customer segments and personas? And, are your customer actions yielding the business results that you’re hoping for? Like higher revenue, audience growth or activity increases. If not, contact us at QLM Business Solutions TODAY.

According to Forrester Consulting, 40% of companies struggle to integrate back-office applications that house customer data. This trend has brought the overcoming of resultant customer data silos, mastering Omni channel, and improving digital content strategies.

Companies often lack the technology – and the organisational culture – to effectively stitch data together. As a result, they are often handicapped in customer service, operating with a fragmented view of their customers and data sliced in various locations.

Discover how QLM Business Solutions Customer Experience Management Service and Systems can drive new business to your doors, help you link customer touch points, reduce costs, and improve resource utilization by updating your infrastructure.

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QLM Business Solutions Customer Experience Management (CEM) Consultants:

Customer Experience Management (CEM) Consultants

Mr Kayode Rufai:

Kayode Rufai is a CEM and IT Consultant has over 15 years experience in developing and implementing continuous 360-degrees company wide customer experience improvement solutions for various companies across multiple business sectors including the Retail, Utilities, Financial Services and Investment Banking industries. With the current hyper-connected world of people, businesses and things, facilitated by the Internet of Things (IoT), and the new marketing dynamics trend of customers requiring simplicity and convenience regardless of the omni-channel customer touch points now available, Kayode has helped many forward-thinking Organisations provide seamless customer experiences from mobile devices to face-to-face interactions, from phones calls to social media.

Kayode has considerable experience in combining business domain knowledge with technology management thereby ensuring that improved customer experience becomes the path of least resistance for Organisations.

Mr Henry Smith

Henry Smith is a CEM and Digital Marketing Consultant with over 6 Years’ experience developing and implementing strategic customer experience management and reputation management systems and processes for businesses. And also the development and enhancement of online visibility strategies designed to assist organisations to create and effective online presence.

Henry Smith has considerable expertise in online marketing strategies such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, reputation marketing and online display marketing methods. Plus, the ability to design and implement effective digital marketing strategies that combine one or more of the above marketing elements to generate significant website traffic, leads and sales for any business.

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

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