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Directory Submission has been one of the most tried and true ways of getting your website/business out there. It involves submitting your website to yellow page like sites so that users browsing those sites can find you when they look at a certain category. This method has been worked very well for our clients and has been recommended by Google itself.


Enhanced Local Business Listing Submissions + Double Check + Follow Up + New Listings Only

Local Business Listing Service
Our Local Business Listing Service submits your business to local directories like yellowpages, bing and google maps. Let your clients find you more directly and in more ways, especially targeted ones in your local area.

Every order comes with a report of the places that we have submitted your website to as well as the log in information.
Our normal packages listed on this page cover just the submission portion. For local citation sites that instantly create or update a listing, we will give you the published link (typically around 30-45% of the local citations websites support instant approval/updates). For the remaining portion, we will provide all login information and locations submitted to, so that you can verify work done.
Note that you may have to respond to phone calls and emails of certain places to get listed.

This is a Premium Service which include the following ad-on services: Double Check + Follow Up + New Listings Only

With our "Double Check" service, we will check for your listing's existence in a directory before making a submission. If the submission already exists, you may choose for us to either try to claim/verify the submission, or to skip the directory altogether. Please make a note of your preference in the comments section or the order form.

With our "Follow Up" service, we will check in every two weeks for 2 months and indicate the published link if the website gets updated

With our "New Listings Only" service, we will attempt to create the indicated # of new+updated listings only. So if a listing is already okay, we will skip it. We will look through up to 3x the indicated # of websites for new listings. So for example, if you buy the 100 package, we will look through up to 300 local citations websites for your information. If we find accurate information on 150 of these websites, we will give you the published url (where applicable), and show you the 100 new listings that we have done. If 250 of these websites have a listing, we will show you 250, and the 50 new listings that we have created for you.

Please note we can only include the published directory links in our monthly optimisation process

How these submissions work.

The vast majority of these directories (to the point where it may literally be 55% to 75% of them) have a manual review process before they decide whether to accept or reject the content that is submitted to them. This is a process that varies wildly from one site to the next--taking anywhere from a couple of days to a few months. Again, this is the time it takes to review before they decide whether they're going to accept (and publish) the listing or not accept it.

This review process is the main reason that we can't provide more detailed info to you on the report. Simply put: The info isn't available when we complete the order.

Furthering that, though, you'll note that the review process can, indeed, result in content not being approved. With services like this one, we can only guarantee that we'll submit your website/information properly to each site. Once that happens, though, the process leaves our control and relies solely on the administrator of each directory that we've used. Since these are humans reviewing, they could decide that your site isn't a good fit for any of a number of reasons and, again, that's something that we are unable to influence in any way.

The general idea of this is something that affects the bulk of our listings to varying degrees, but Directory Submissions are the one where virtually 55% to 75% of all sites employ a review process and, as such, prevent us from providing links to published content.


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