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Premium Video Content Creation

Here are some films we make on a regular basis.
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Our Video Production Process


We will take the time to thoroughly learn about your objectives, services, products and business.

Your Team

We will assemble our team of designers, copywriters, internet marketers and project managers.


Through our brainstorming process we will create a draft script for you to review.


We will ensure that branding, message and word count are all aligned.


You choose a vocal artist from our professional vocal talent panel.


The creation of bespoke visual elements begin to be in alignment with the voice over you have selected.

In Motion

You are provided with a concept to review before full production begins.


You are given the opportunity to make any amendments or changes to your video that you desire.

Final Review

At this stage hopefully there will not be any more amendments, however you still have the opportunity to request them.

Your Video

Your amazing video will be available for you to download directly from our client page.

Market Your Video

Now that you have your new video produced, the next very important step is to market your video to your target audience. “having a video is one thing, having people find it is quite another”.
Contact us to discuss the right video marketing strategy for you.

Detailed Breakdown Of Our Video Animation Production Process:

The optimal amount of time that is needed by the producer in order to efficiently complete all of the design, writing and revisions will vary from one project to another. It is possible to rush this time frame, however most likely it will end up costing you more money since the team will frequently need to work overtime in order to complete the process, and often on the weekends

Kickoff & Research (1st week)

The producer will dig deep into your goals and brand. Using this insight, typically you will meet to agree on your video’s direction and discuss your production’s plan and process.

Script Writing (1st week)

To truly engage your viewers and achieve those goals you have detailed for the Kickoff phase of the process, it is essential to have a quality script. In order to get this just right, usually it will require some back and forth as well as revisions. This is the most critical component, of your explainer video. You will be completely dead in the water if your script does not work. Be sure that your producer takes the time to write a powerful and engaging script that really works.

Styleframes & Storyboards

Once the final script has been set, a storyboard will be created by the artist. Typically it is a sketched (digital or pencil) representation of each frame from your video. This should give you a good idea of the way your story is going to flow visually. In addition to this, you will be provided with a few static renderings of the way your video should end up looking like. It will give you a good idea of the feel and colours of your video. You will want to ensure that it is on brand!


Based on branding information and the script, a professional voice artist goes into the studio to record a read-through of your script.

Animation & Design

The artist continues designing all of the video’s frames for the animator. After the process has been completed and the voiceover has been recorded, every layer will be broken apart by the animator (which may number into the thousands at times) and then each piece will be meticulously animated so that it matches the voice recording. From this point on, any changes to the style, storyboard or script will incur more costs and can throw a huge kink into the video’s timeline.

Sound Design

Just think how boring your video would be without sound. Most likely sound design will be included if you are using a reputable producer. A professional sound designer is going to want to ensure that the sound in your video tells your story as much as the rest of it does. Custom sound FX will be layered in to represent the movements within your video and then either select and fit an excellent royalty-free track or product a totally custom music track for you.


An editor then mixes all of the scenes along with the sound designer’s mixes of audio to render your video in all of the applicable formats and deliver it to you.


Now that you have your new video produced, the next very important step is to market your video to your target audience. “having a video is one thing, having people find it is quite another”.
Contact us to discuss the right video marketing strategy for you. We can tailor make a video marketing campaign, based on your budget, for your new video to start generating leads, sales and profits for your business. Our marketing team can implement Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Online Display Marketing Campaigns to help your video get ton of quality views.

Typical Filming Package consists of following separate elements below

One Day filming
3d Video Logo
One Day Editing

Total Cost £6,995 + vat

SAVE £3,345

Explainer Film (Basic) - no filming required
Regular price £2,995.00 GBP

Explainer Video - with filming
Regular price £6,995.00 GBP

One Day Edit Hire
Regular price £2,995.00 GBP

One Day filming - London within M25
Regular price £4,500.00 GBP

Regular price £750.00 GBP

Regular price £595.00 GBP

3d Video Logo
Regular price £1,500.00 GBP

E-Commerce Product Video Ad
Regular price £2,950.00 GBP

Photography One Day
Regular price £1,495.00 GBP