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We are looking for a part or main sponsor for a pre-recorded online consumer education series to be shown on our Online Digital News Media Channel.

This is an ongoing series however each sponsor may fund/sponsor by purchasing 1 to 10 shares for one or more episodes with an Estimated Exposure Based on 10 Shares of 500,000 to 1 Million+ Branding Views and More than 10,000+ Programme Views per episode for the Bronze Package.

Or our Silver Package with an Estimated Exposure Based on 5 Shares of 5 Million to 10 Million+ Branding Views with More than 150,000+ Programme Views per episode. Great Marketing Opportunity!

QLM Business Sponsorship
QLM Business Solutions

How Companies Benefit from QLM Business Sponsorship Programme.

The fastest growing form of marketing is sponsorship. It is still in its early stages, particularly in the online TV arena. Taking this into consideration, you will be able to find limitless opportunities for broadening your competitive advantage by increasing your prestige, image, and attracting your target market through sponsorship of online events. 
Promotional opportunities in online TV shows include sponsorship of online consumer shows, conferences, business events, educational programmes, news stories, and interviews. Why would a company actually be interested in sponsorship? If it is done properly, it provides significant opportunities for distinct marketing as well as competitive advantages along with showing support for the event.

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship refers to the in-kind or financial support of an activity primarily used for reaching specific business goals. The Complete Guide to Sponsorship by IEG warns against confusing sponsorship with advertising. While advertising is regarded as a quantitative medium, sponsorship is regarded as a qualitative medium. Sponsorship promotes a business in association with the entity being sponsored.

Today, numerous online events use sponsorship to help meet rising costs and offer more exciting programmes. Sponsorship helps you reach a specific niche target market without too much waste. It  also complements other marketing programmes besides having a dramatic influence on the customer relations.

QLM Business Sponsorship

How Can Companies Benefit from QLM Business Sponsorship Programme?

The QLM Business Sponsorship Programme offers companies the potential to meet several goals at once. Companies benefit from sponsorship in various ways including:

Shaping Attitudes of Consumers/Boosting Your Image: Companies often look for ways to improve what their target audience thinks of them. Sponsoring pre-recorded or online events which appeal to their targeted audience helps shape buying attitudes and helps generate positive reactions. For instance, Coca-Cola is always trying to generate a positive influence of its products in its consumer’s minds, which is why you will find it regularly supporting events it believes can help shape consumer opinions.

Driving Sales: Sponsorship whose target is to drive sales can be very potent as a promotional tool. It is an objective that allows sponsors to showcase the attributes of their products.

Sponsorship is regularly used by food and beverage companies to encourage samplings along with sales. The Complete Guide to Sponsorship by IEG cites the fundraising efforts of Visa around its sponsorship of the United States Olympic Team and the Olympic Games. Visa promoted this association by offering to donate to the team every time consumers charged purchases to their cards. A similar strategy was use by American Express by donation to the needy with the campaign titled “Charge Against Hunger”. Both companies experienced a considerable rise in sales volume as a result. Sponsorship is also proven to be effective when used during online shows where the sponsors branding or special offer ads are placed above or below the video or live stream to generate more business for the sponsor

Increasing Visibility/Creating Positive Publicity: All sponsors seek wide exposure in print and electric media. Positive publicity helps to create a heightened visibility of products and/or services. Various media channels and platforms covering the event may include names and/or photos of the sponsors. The kind of media exposure the sponsor receives is often unaffordable if the company were to ever think about buying it and if it were actually available. To make the most out of this objective the sponsoring company should have a comprehensive media campaign for augmenting the regular media coverage the organisers promote. Sponsorship often generates media coverage that would otherwise probably not have been available.

Standing Out From Competitors: The simple act of event sponsorship , whether online or off line, particularly an exclusive sponsorship, is a great way to differentiate your brand for your competitors. The name of your company will have the chance to stand out from your competitors. This is quite helpful especially if your company wishes to combat competitors with larger advertising budgets. Sponsorship makes it possible for smaller companies to compete with giants in their respective industries. Target audiences often take sponsorship positively since they see you as trying to make a greater effort to support the event, usually allowing better or more activities to take place due to the sponsorship.

Helps with the good “Corporate Citizen” role: Sponsorship helps companies be viewed as “good neighbours.” To be seen as being in support of the community and contributing to the economic development of that community is quite powerful and creates a lot of goodwill.

Enhancing Consumer, Business, and VIP Relations: Sponsorship that provides opportunities for hospitality is always quite attractive to companies. Benefits include special and exclusive networking opportunities like golf tournaments and VIP receptions, which are opportunities for meeting key customers and solidifying business relationships. Evaluating all opportunities and trying to find ways it could tie into your marketing objectives i


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Your Target Audience 

Understanding the target audience is at the core of our business and, since we are specialists in the sector, we use our years of knowledge and experience to produce customised communication and brand development campaigns relevant to your business.

With services that cover social media, PR, News Media, digital marketing and content, we are capable of delivering sponsorship campaigns through our expert team of designers, digital specialists, journalists, and PR professionals.

Working with clients from the UK and international clients too our services target audiences both in the UK as well as internationally via our networks of agents and contacts.

We pride ourselves on making a difference and creating sponsorship campaigns that provide value to all our clients and are measurable too

QLM Business Solutions

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