Refund Policy

QLM Business Solutions honors customer protection. So we ensure this by providing conditional money back and refund policy. Please familiarize yourself with our frame work:
In the event you ascertain your purchase was not right, just request a refund in 30 days of Sign Up. No refund is issued past 30 days as we consider 4 business week is a justified time to test our service.
The money back can be claimed subject to deliverables specified on Packages So any dispute arising beyond the following deliverables are subject to partial refund agreed between two parties.
Please allow us 5 business days to process your money back request.
In case of a wire transfer we deduct the service charge incurred on refund.
Our deliverables would subject to availability of inputs from you. In case there is due diligence, unclear communication or any other hindrances found on your part, no refund is issued.
No refund can be claimed for “Ignorance of Service”. We deem that our customers are completely aware of our services, terms and condition etc.
How to Apply for Refund:
If you feel that your case justify the money back policy, please do the following:
1. Send your refund request to
2. Please don’t hesitate to provide as much information as necessary to process the refund.
3. Please provide valid emails that strengthen your claim for money back/refund.
We make sure your money is refunded no later than 5 business days subject to fulfillment of our money back policy framework.