Our Online Marketing Services

Here at QLM Business Solutions, we aim to provide every SEO, Web Design, and Local Marketing services, along with any other online marketing tools you might need. Now, here's a detailed summary of the help you can expect from us in establishing a strong online presence while generating more traffic, leads, and even sales.

1 – Search Engine Optimisation

Strong SEO is absolutely essential for improving your site's search engine ranking and obtaining more traffic overall. It's also perfect for boosting sales and growing your business. With the competitive nature of the internet, if you haven't already started optimising your site's SEO then it's in your best interest to start right away. In short, Search Engine Optimisation improves the search engine ranking of your site by pushing it further towards the top of organic, unpaid search result pages such as those found on Google, Yahoo, and the up and coming Bing. It allows more potential visitors to find your site's content and products whenever they search for relevant keywords. CLCK HERE

2 – Local Buzz

A lot of people underestimate the importance of tapping into local listings through reviews, proms, and check-ins to help improve your site's visibility and generate the benefits of a local viral effect. Local buzz optimises your presence throughout local listings, reviews, and maps in search engine and the likes of Google Places, Facebook Places, Bing Local, and Foursquare. CLICK HERE

3 – Social Media Optimisation

Social media is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and the customer acquisition rates are incredibly impressive. LinkinIn and Facebook account for over 60 and 50 percent customer acquisition respectively, and Twitter offers over 40. By optimising your site through social media, you maintain a strong presence on all of the biggest platforms (such as those listed above and Google Plus.) You can reach and engage with even more potential visitors and customers. The ease of sharing links on social media networking will open amplification of all of your promotion as well. CLICK HERE

4 – Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC is essential for generating traffic, leads, and conversions almost instantly. Some have said that this is one of the most effective methods outside of SEO, so just imagine how strong your site will be with both in effect. Pay Per Click marketing will even make sure that your visitors are also re-targeted to come right back to you. CLICK HERE

5 – Web Design

Soon enough, mobile Internet browsing will likely outnumber those still using traditional laptops and desktops. Websites will need to have effective mobile designs, a consideration that many webmasters never think to consider. CLICK HERE

6 – Online Reputation Marketing

Surveys have determined that over 80 percent of Internet users turn away from making an online purchase if they see even a single negative review of the service or product. Online reputation marketing will guarantee that you have enough positive reviews in place to instill confidence in potential customers. As in all walks of life, maintaining a positive reputation is integral for maintaining success online. With a strong history of glowing remarks and enthusiastic reviews in place, your online business will be sure to impress right out of the gate. CLICK HERE

7 – Website Audit

Of course, one of the first steps for establishing an online marketing plan with the elements detailed above is a full website audit. Google routinely updates their search engine algorithms, sometimes rendering previous Search Engine Optimisation strategies completely irrelevant. As such, the steps necessary to get your site to the top of the search results is in an almost constant state of fluctuation. It's of the utmost importance to track how your site is performing on a day to day basis, and a Website Audit allows professional insight from a SEO expert.

Every aspect of the site will be reviewed in detail, from the content to every inbound link. For example, the effectiveness of your web design, post titles, meta descriptions, backlinks, and keywords will all be comprehensively analysed. Issues such as potential page and link errors will also be exposed. CLICK HERE

Brand Building ServicesOptimising a product fails to always come naturally. Content marketing is a wonderful approach to start the entire process of brand optimisation that could lead to major growth. Creating images, videos and-quality articles is a wonderful way to get going.

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