Welcome to the SEO research overview for dentist london

Welcome to the SEO research overview


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We are QLM Business Solutions and how we target our clients is to first establish an area with a thriving marketing need, and then we engage in research within that special locale and business category. We then work with ONLY one or two companies in each geo-graphic area because we want to invest our time into ONLY one or two client in the given area because we want them to dominate all of their competition. We have no interest in taking on multiple clients within the same area to compete with each other.
Although some of this research is specific to this particular company, some components still apply to your company because it is general industry statistics, and the research that only applies to the company mentioned in the video should be viewed as an example of what we can do for you.

Within our research in this geo-graphic area specifically your area, we have found the CPC of keywords to be very high and therefore paid advertising to be undesirable due to the high costs. The keyword search traffic has enough to produce a reliable ROI on your marketing investment, and your competition does not appear to be something we are too concerned with. We feel we can dominate the online presence for the company we market for in this niche because the SEO competition on the keywords is not too high and our methodology is far advanced compared to most other online marketing companies.

The keyword research module will allow you to search for keywords you are interested in, and also allow you to highlight and sort keywords accordingly to groups you want to look at and save. The competition analysis is a VERY powerful module and we have researched and stored more than 10,000 of your competitor's ranking web-pages to allow you to instantly check your rankings vs. your competition's.

The site audit reports and the online presence report we can run for your company if you request a consultation meeting with us, free of charge. The Bang site audit report, and site grader report are design to give you a bird's eye view on the current marketing state of your website and to identify factors which need to be improved or are currently harming your online presence in the search engines

We are excited to compete for you in your geo-graphic area to dominate your online presence within your industry. We have too much research into this area and business category to not succeed for you.
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